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I draw when I feel like it


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Your art is beautiful
You all get a melon baby :iconmelonplz: your welcome :>

I support Dillaby <3333
:heart: Dillaby by Deedeebo14:heart:


I have now became a lazy slum
-Please, I advise you to NOT click the commission button at ANY COST
-Send me a note about your commission ( Be very detailed, and ONLY send me a digital reference sheet of the character(s) )
-Send the points into the donation pool or the "give" option in the top right corner of the page under the badges
-Send in points BEFORE I can give you your art ( I will give you a heads up to tell that your picture is ready if you want to send in the points when I'm done with it )
-Do NOT ask if commissions are opened, they are ALWAYS open
-If you do not read these rules ( I would know for sure ) I will give you a warning and a heads up PLEASE PAY ATTENTION, IT'S BEST IF YOU DON'T GET ON ANYONES BAD SIDE
-When I say extra character, that means when you want to ADD a character or more with the first

5 :points: for an extra character
7 :points: for background
1 :points: for shading

NOTE: I know I usually do more chibi works but I just love cute things <33
Sketched and Colored ORIGINAL VERSION
5 :points: for an extra character
7 :points: for background
1 :points: for shading

NOTE: I have made a new sketched and colored commission that is styled with my original style
5 :points: for an extra character
7 :points: for background
1 :points: for shading

NOTE: Original commissions are produced with my own original art style
Sketched and Colored
5 :points: for an extra character
7 :points: for background
1 :points: for shading

NOTE: Sketched and color commissions are in a more realistic form
I have doubled the price of sketched and color commissions
Reference sheet
2 :points: for each facial expression
1 :points: for each item (ex: toys, likes/dislikes, option items)

Back views are free
Backgrounds are free

NOTE: If you do not understand the pricing system then tell me what you want in the reference sheet and I will help you out with the pricing
Reference sheets will not be posted on deviantart and will be sent in with a stash link



CandyCorn Senpai
United States
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I do fanart for people who are cool, have nice art, or I'm just plain bored and want to draw something for them

If you guys want to know something, I'll tell you this. I was reported 2 times from these accounts at least 3+ years ago: Hartandapirl ApirlandBlacky
I have been given no reason to be reported since I did no such thing for breaking the rules on this site, nor have I been horribly rude to anyone. The moderators know nothing about the truth and they promptly ignored it. I wish to not be reported again for no absolute reason. So please don't do it to me, Okay? ;v;

+ New Music Is Needed +

:heart: I support yaoi  stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart:heart:
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      Okay, STORY TIME! So 6 days ago, on Sunday night, I was told I was being cheated on with another girl from a different school. I was even given proof for it. So when Monday rolled around, I tried interrogating my boyfriend to spill the beans. He said he actually wanted to disconnect the girl from his life and the reasons why he is asking for photos is because he says she expects him to ask for them.
      He told me to stay clear away from her, and that she'll try and manipulate me into breaking up with him, like she did with his other relationships. Be I broke his rules and did it anyways. For something that has been going on since the day he was expelled from the other school, I think I need to find the truth into what everyone needs to say.
      So I went onto my other account to talk with her. And oh boy is this a dozy. She said she was still with him and when I said I was together with him she started to tear up. She wanted to call me up, so I let her, giving her my number.

      She was crying, and sobbing. Then she told me her side of the story, saying that he RAPED her, and got expelled for it. This was a lie. She told me he cheated on her with other girls and even lied to them all. And this sparks my interest for a bit. If she knew he was cheating on HER, then why didn't she just broke up with him in the first place. She had SO. MANY. OPTIONS that she could have used, but instead stayed around and became a flea to people, sucking them dry of their tears. She kept repeating the same thing too. She is a confusing character to deal with since her emotions are getting the best of her.
      She has even told me that she loved him. And then when we get to the ending point of the conversation, she told me "To break up with him, because he's just going to cheat on you too." What a load of bull crap. She WANTED me to break up with him so she could have him for herself. She is SELFISH, a STALKER, and GOD DAMN PITIFUL. Hell even my boyfriends FAMILY blocked her on Facebook.

      I told her if she wanted to cut all ties with him and forcing her into this stuff, then she would have to block him herself and never meet up again. But she then completely ignored it telling me that he was cheating and lying, over and over again. And when she told me to break with him I said no.
      And this is where everything comes into play. I didn't want to be her enemy, but a friend from the very beginning ( I even told her that myself ) but when I said "no", she just got vicious, saying that I wasn't her friend but an enemy.

      Right now I'm trying to stay clear away from her, and even Alex broke off the relationship between them both.

     Now. The reason why I'm telling you guys this is because she's still going on about the subject. ALREADY SHE HAS 26 FUCKING PITY POSTS ON HER PAGE FROM THE PAST 3 DAYS!! She isn't letting this shit go. HONEY, I have more resistance to a break up than you do. I don't create pity posts for all to see just to get attention. I would just forget about it AND MOVE ON!
      She even tried more times messaging me to break up with him, and even gives me photo evidence that was literally a week ago. Even though the time says "moments ago" on it, I doubt it was and was all just pre-shot days before. And I just want to say. The girl has a disability and uses that to her advantage to get what she wants. I'm sorry if this is pitiful for you guys. But I just wanted to rant on how immature this girl can be over some break up.
      She could have broken this relationship in the first place and moved on to go find another man but instead stayed around.


GwenCupcakes has started a donation pool!
835 / 1,000
Donate if you want to, I don't mind!
You can place your commission points in here too!~

Points please :Sugita: by GwenCupcakes

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